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Targeting Guidelines

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Targeting Guidelines
These free Targeting Guidelines are intended to share over 20 years of mapping experience with the surveying community.  All we ask is that you keep our name on the guidelines, and send us any comments or ideas to improve the guidelines for the future.  Many of these guidelines have come from various surveyors, and some have come from expensive failures.  Of course these are only guidelines, and can not replace the advice of your project manager.

We are also available to give presentations to local surveying or engineering groups, and can share stories of some of the strange things we have seen (a dead horse comes to mind), things you might not believe (a cow eating the target), and some you don't want to believe (an Aerial Target painted under an overpass).  Many of the guidelines in this white paper have a story behind them.  Drop us a line, and we will see what we can arrange.

Please fill out your contact information on the Contact Us page.  We won't share it, but we may contact you to see if you found the guidelines useful.  It's not manditory, you are welcome to the guidelines either way.  If it saves you one extra trip to the field, our time will not have been wasted.
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